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Don't Worry, Be Happy

On Sunday, February 24 our pastor preached on this topic. The focus thought was from Matthew 6:25-33. The enemy uses worry as a tool against the child of God. We should not let worry keep us from praising God. We are polarized by worry. We know that the end result is usually not in our control, but we worry anyway. We know all things work together for our good, but we worry anyway. God has shown Himself strong in our lives many times but we still worry.

What can one do to stop worrying? We must first understand that worry is sin, and this sin produces fear, which is another sin. Because fear is torment, you can't praise God if you are living in fear. Worry borrows trouble that you can't pay back. Worry has you bruiting over things that does not exist. There are some things that are out of our hands, and that's God's doing. Worry creates trouble, misery, and ultimately death. It is a weight that kills prematurely. It is a mental, physical, and spiritual suicide. But I admonish you to be of good cheer, Jesus said, for I have overcome the world. And because He has overcome, we can also!

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"Worry borrows trouble that you can't pay back." Say that!!! I cannot afford to worry. Lord please help me not to worry for nothing, but instead give you all of my concerns, I Jesus name amen.

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