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Be patient with me, God is not finished with me yet

On Sunday, February 17 our pastor preached on this topic. The focus thought was from Philippians 1:6. The title of the lesson seems to suggest it is okay to make mistakes, but it's quite the opposite. There are no excuses to sin for Peter even said He is able to keep us from stumbling. This title more so speaks to us who try to push folks to a level that they are not ready to go. They often times cause them to rebel. We have to keep in mind that the scripture says that God draws, and if He does not, the people will not come.

We live in the microwave age, and we want everything instantly. We have to be patient with those who are trying to find their way. Consider yourself, how God had to get you to where you are today. Nothing happens overnight, and everything is a process. We should carry the burden of the weak and help to lead, guide, and groom those that are new to the faith. As a potter forms a lump of clay, so does God with us. He keeps molding and shaping until we are a beautiful work of art! He that has begun a good work in your will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ!

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